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How to Promote Your 900 Number

No matter what promotional campaign you choose to start with, remember to be creative and have fun with it! Always look for the best and most cost effective ways to promote your 900 numbers. You can find volumes of excellent books on marketing, advertising and direct mail at your local library or the Internet.

As a line owner, we are always here to assist you with your promotions with ongoing advertising support from our various advertising sources. They will draw up a promotional campaign to meet your specific needs.

When you first begin your 900 business campaign, test methods on a small scale first. If a method works, then use that method everywhere. If the campaign fails to give you results on a small scale, chances are that it won't work on a bigger scale. Make investments only in campaigns that pay off.

We've compiled a list of some of the most successful ways to promote your 900 business. Find out all the costs before you spend thousands of dollars on your campaign, and work at your own comfortable pace, so you can take as least risk as possible. Its easy once you get the hang of it. Remember, the 900 business can be pursued on any creative budget. We're here to make sure you succeed.

1. Local & National Newspapers
2. A Web Site on the Internet
3. Bumper Stickers
4. Business Cards
5. Calendars
6. Cash Register Tape Ads
7.Cocktail Napkins
8. Concert Promotions
9. Shopping Bags
10. Co-op Advertising
11. Coupon/Shelf Ads
12. Decals
13. Direct Mail
14. Event Programs
15. Flyers/Brochures
16. Hats
17. Magnets
18. Mailing Lists
19. Matchbook Covers
20. Flashing Signs
21. Mugs/Pens/Pencils
22. Newsletters
23. Placemats
24. Posters
25. Radio
26. Singles Guides
27. T-shirts
28. Coupon Books
29. Television
30. Videos

Once you've seen the wealth of information the Internet has to offer, it's easy to see what a valuable resource it can be for your 900 business.

Take advantage of the thousands of FREE places to promote your 900 Business on the Internet. These links will let you get your 900 numbers in front of millions of potential callers who surf the Internet each day at no cost to you!

NOTE: Under no circumstances should you throw large amounts of advertising into any new business unless you know without a doubt the money you spend will produce results. As with any advertising you could make more or less



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