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We are the industry leader with 10 years in the 900 number business.


We are a Nationally Accredited Authorized 900 Service Bureau.

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How it works

As an customer you're assigned one or more 900 numbers for your application depending on the package that fits your need, either our LIVE 900 or RECORDED 900 programs.

When a caller dials your 900 number, the call is routed to whatever location you've specified. You or your telephone representative, or our automated voice response system, takes the call and provides the information or help your customer needs.

Our collection system then bills the customer for the call directly, or through his or her local telephone company bill. The actual charge for the call depends on the billing structure you choose when you order.

When the customer pays the bill, deducts the transport charges and a billing fee, and sends you the net proceeds. You receive a monthly check for all bills settled that month. Want to see how much you can actually earn? Click here for a hypothetical earnings projection.

The keys to winning with Services

1. Make it useful, interesting, and worthwhile
Callers are reluctant to use a 900 number unless it provides something they want, need or enjoy. The more interesting and useful the content, the more they're willing to use a 900 number.

2. Be up-front about the costs
When callers understand - in advance - the cost of a 900 call, they're more willing to call.

Note that guidelines require the cost of the call to be included in all ads and promotions for the 900 number - and announce the costs at the very beginning of each call.

3. Be professional
It only makes sense: Customers always want to deal with reputable companies. If your company already has a good reputation, you're halfway there. If you're not well known yet, take extra pains to treat your callers professionally and deliver what you promise.



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Questions and Orders:
(888) 227-6135